Using XDCC to download files!

XDCC is a file transfer protocal used by IRC (Internet Relay Chat). To be able to download a file, you need to have an IRC client. You CANNOT use the browser based IRC clients to download files, because none of them support shit. So, go and grab yourself an IRC client. If you're looking for something neat, little and free, then download 'Hexchat'.

Please read this guide carefully and follow it properly. It contains clear illustrations, so it should be easier to follow! And before you start doing anything, make sure that you properly read the rules that you need to follow in IRC channel.

Rules :

  • 1.) Do not spam or advertise in the channel.
  • 2.) Don't even try to slap/kick anyone, NEVER.
  • 3.) Don't try to send/receive files from anyone on IRC that you don't know.
  • 4.) Don't use any kind of bot command in the channel. PM the bot instead.
  • 5.) No racial comments or any kind of harassment.
Note : If you break any of the rules, you'll be kicked or permanently banned from the channel.

Using XDCC :

I hope you read the rules and are ready to follow them. So, let's move forward with the tutorial. Uh, I also hope that you downloaded and installed Hexchat on your system already. If you haven't, then go and do that first. It's time to start HEXCHAT now. When you open it for the first time, it should look something like this :

Tick the 'Skip Network List on Startup' checkbox.
Section 1 : Enter the nickname you want to use on IRC. Also, add secondary nick as well.
Section 2 : Look for 'Rizon' in the 'networks list' and select it. Click on EDIT on the right hand side.

A new window should open after clicking on 'EDIT' button. Tick and Un-tick some options and make yours look like this one :

After you're done with that, click on the 'Autojoin Channels' tab. Click on "ADD" and Enter '#AnimeRG' (without quotes). Should look something like this :

You won't need to do this again.
Click on 'Close' and then click on 'Connect' . You'll see something like this :

Section 1 : This is the 'TOPIC' of channel. Think of this like a 'Pinned Message'. This contains important info that the owners of the channel want you to read and know. So, do read it.
Section 2 : List of people people currently in the current selected channel.
Section 3: Area where you type.
Packlist : It's a list of the files that you can get from the bot. Files are called as PACKS.

As mentioned in the TOPIC OF THE CHANNEL, you can get the packlist at
Open your browser and go to and when you do, you should see something like this.

Section 1 : Various themes for the packlist page. Well, it's pretty much useless.
Section 2 : List of bots. Our XDCC bot is 'K0T0K0'. If you click on it, it'll show you all the files K0T0K0 have. There may or may not be other bots.
Section 3 : Simple search option. Enter the name of the anime you want to download and click on search to see the results.

So, how do we download? When you click on a bot or search something, you should see all the files related to your query.

Just click on the file you want and you should see a message popping up on your browser, asking you to copy and paste a line in IRC client. When you click on a file, you should see something like this :

Copy the whole text inside the alert box and move over to Hexchat and paste it into the area where you talk and press enter. Something like this :

Now, it should open a box or two asking you whether you want to receive the file or not. And the other box to ask the download location for this download. You can set default download location in settings (will be mentioned in the TIPS later in this tutorial). For now, select where you want to download the file and click on 'Accept'. It should look something like this :

After all this, it should start downloading the file. If it doesn't start the download, look at your client, if there's an error, it'll show why it couldn't send you the file.

If you're behind a firewall, be sure to unblock IRC if it is blocked. And yes, we will not cover that. Google it yourself.

After the download has been completed, it should be something like this :

You can close this 'Download Dialogue Box' if you want.
Well, the file should be downloaded by now and you can start watching your fav. animu. Easy and cool, right? Enjoy your stay on IRC.


Uh, for tips... you can set the default download location for your animu and it won't annoy you everytime you want to download something. Go To : Settings >> Preferences >> File Transfers

In the 'Files and directories' section, select 'Ask for confirmation' from the 'Auto Accept File Offers' drop down menu.
And click on browse button in 'Download File To' and browse and select the default directory you want to download the files to. Don't forget to click on 'Ok'.

A general security tip is to NEVER accept files from an unknown person. Do it at your own risk.

I couldn't find what I was looking for.

If you can't find the anime you're looking for, in XDCC, then we simply don't want to put that anime on XDCC. However, if you want, you can simple leave your message in IRC or site chat asking for it. We'll see what we can do.

What about Manga?

No, we don't and we won't serve manga on XDCC. Why you ask? because it's not in trend.

How to PM someone, how to send file and how can I more IRC?

Ummm... Google that. Or just go to