Searching Anime Torrents

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Please read this guide carefully and follow it properly. It contains clear illustrations, so it should be easier to follow!

You can start searching from any page on our website. Take a look at the top Menu and you'll see the 'Search Option'. Click on it and it should show more options to search Anime Torrents, Manga Torrents and Streaming Videos (We have a streaming section, in case you haven't noticed).

The searching is rather sepcific to yield better results. Let's say we want to search One Piece episode 752 in 720p. Start typing the anime name in the 'Name' Field of the 'Anime Search' section. It should show you the anime name. If it doesn't show the anime name, you should search the anime by both, Japanese and English names. If it still doesn't show it, that means we don't have that anime yet and then you'll need to REQUEST THAT ANIME. Please refer to 'How to request Anime tutorial' for that. Anyway, type the anime name, it'll show suggestion, select your anime from the list.

This should be self explanatory, but I'll write about it any case, because a lot of people still don't know how to use the search. If you select the resolution, Audio type, then it'll give you more precise results.

  • Quality - Select the resolution you want to download your anime in.
  • Audio - How do you want your anime to sound like? Select appropriate language.
  • Episode Number - Leave this blank for whole seasons or if you want to list all the torrents related to that anime. Type '1', if you're looking for a movie.
    Your request data should look something like this now :

  • Click on 'Search' to see the results. And it should show you the results.

I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Maybe you wanted to search something we don't have yet. Head over to 'Request Section' if that is the case.

But, options for Manga are different

Yes, because Manga doesn't have a resolution or audio. That's why. Enter the Manga Name and Chapter Number. Let the 'Translated By' option be set to 'Any'.