How To Request Anime

Note: We hope you're not using Internet Explorer. If you're using IE, don't bother mentioning problems about CSS or JS not working.

Please read this guide carefully and follow it properly. It contains clear illustrations, so it should be easier to follow!

So, first go to "Request Anime" section by clicking on the appropriate link from the top menu.

You should see something like this in the Request section. First of all make sure that the show/season/episode you're interested in requesting for has been requested already or not. You can browse various request by switching the 'Tabs' on the right half of the page. As mentioned in the image.

Now that you've double checked everything, it's time to look for 'AniDB ID' of that particular anime you want to request. For that, go to and search for that anime. Let's say that you want to request 'The Irregular At Magic High School'. So, you'll go over to and look for that anime. Enter the name in the search box and press enter, or click on 'Search'. Remember to search your anime by both, Japanese and English names.Sometimes an anime is listed by Japanese name and sometimes you might find it by English Name.

Now we can see the search results and the 'The Irregular At Magic High School' anime showed up in results. Let's visit that anime's page by clicking on it's name.

Look at the URL of that page. It looks like ''. The numbers after 'aid' is what we call AniDB ID of that anime. In this case, '10182' will be the AniDB ID of 'The Irrgular At Magic High School'. Copy it and switch back to Anime Request Section on our site.

Now, follow these steps to finally request an anime. There are various input fields to fill. Below is an explanation of each field. Please carefully read and follow.
Once you start typing, these input fields show up the suggestion values. You can click to automatically fill in the value.

  • AniDB ID - Paste the AniDB ID you just copied from AniDB's URL (According to example : 10182).
  • Resolution - 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p would be acceptable values.
  • Audio - Japanese, English, Dual Audio are the options available. How do you want your anime to sound? Fill it up here.
  • Most of you can can just click on 'Request' button now. But, if you want to request only 1 season, OVA or just 1 episode, you need to click on 'Advanced'.

  • Type - Episode, Season and Special would be the options shown in this field. Do you want to request just 1 episode? Select this. This should be self explanatory now.
  • Eps/OVA/Season/Special No. - Enter the Episode Number, Season Count or OVA Number in this field. Leave blank if you want all the episodes/season/OVAs.

  • Your request data should look something like this now :

You can now click on 'Request' Button.

Is this enough? What if I get an error?

This should be more than enough. But, if you see any error popping up on your screen, take a screenshot or copy that error and post it in Publich Chat, IRC, facebook or DM us on twitter.