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September 12, 2016

Hello there everyone,

It's been only a few weeks since we rolled out our theme update... And now, since we have over a few VIP members on the site (who have donated a minimum of 30$), we have been working hard to reward them back by adding a VIP Area or a section where you can find Direct Download Links for the some latest anime episodes.

If a link expires (doesn't work), you can report it and we'll update it ASAP!

You will find a link to it in the menu which pops up when you click on your avatar in the top menu of the site

Let us know if you face any issues... By mail or commenting here...

And last but not the least, for all registered users... There is a surprise in the Edit Profile page... Let us know your views about it

P.S : We're bringing some more colors

AnimeRG Team


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