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April 2, 2016

It's been such a long time since we posted something in this area. Anyways, it's new anime season and new members. And a little story about a fag boi .

First of all, we have 3 new members joining us. You might've already seen them uploading from the past 1 month. We welcome 'Pseudo' and 'TheBiscuitMan' in AnimeRG. Both are x265 encoders and have been doing crazy amount of batches really quick. Phew, we have a lot of x265 encoders now, don't we?

You might've already seen 'One Piece' and 'Fairy Tail' big ass batches from 'Pseudo' and that 'Death Note' BD batch from akshat. Akshat is also continuing Dragon Ball Super 1080p that ScavvyKiD used to do.

Since ScavvyKiD and isoTropic retired, we've been a bit slow, but don't worry. These new lads will take AnimeRG to a whole new level (at least we hope they will).

There was this guy 'Uchiha Obito' who we had with us as an 'x265' encoder. Well, we taught him encoding and all the basics about x265, but he was just messing around. Hitting our team members and asking them about their personal info and annoyed the hell out of everyone. He was getting annoying day by day and hence, we had to kick him out. We don't really want people who are not interested in working hard, but disturbing everyone else.

Oh btw, there was some guy (we believe it was obito) putting out our Telegram usernames publicly. But, there's a reason why we chose Telegram as our basic mode of communication, so it's not really a problem .

One important announcement, we now have 'Streaming' Section on our site and it will be updated from time to time. Now, you can stream some of our content online as well.

Every drama aside, we hope that everyone is looking forward to new anime season and we'll try to provide stuff as usual .


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