XDCC, Tutorials and New Themes

As promised, we've brought back some more features on the site for you. We've added some more colors in the theme for you to set. And as you can see, there are some new menu options in the left hand side menu bar. Can't understand how to request and anime? or how to use search? or maybe how to use XDCC? No problem! because now you can easily follow the tutorials to get it done!

And a BIG news update about XDCC. Yes, thanks to "Genimac" and his server and seedbox, we're proudly bringing back our XDCC. Our XDCC bot's name is K0T0K0 and you can get files from it easily in our IRC channel!

More updates coming soon, keep an eye for 'em!

Thank You,
AnimeRG Team!
Hello there everyone,

It's been only a few weeks since we rolled out our theme update... And now, since we have over a few VIP members on the site (who have donated a minimum of 30$), we have been working hard to reward them back by adding a VIP Area or a section where you can find Direct Download Links for the some latest anime episodes.

If a link expires (doesn't work), you can report it and we'll update it ASAP!

You will find a link to it in the menu which pops up when you click on your avatar in the top menu of the site

Let us know if you face any issues... By mail or commenting here...

And last but not the least, for all registered users... There is a surprise in the Edit Profile page... Let us know your views about it

P.S : We're bringing some more colors

AnimeRG Team
As promised, the new site layout/theme and a new profile page with features like recently downloaded torrents, recent comments etc. is now live.

It was really hard for me to decide how to really redesign the site, but then I went ahead with this layout and there you have it!! An amazingly simple and clean looking AnimeRG homesite. No useless pop-ups in the left, right or bottom.

I will be trying to provide multi-theme options to logged in users, so that they can choose the color they like the most.

I hope you guys will like it. Go ahead and comment, write down suggestions etc...

If there are any bugs, or anything funny happening, please do hit me up at support@animerg.se

Keep spreading the anime love and keep visiting AnimeRG.

Thanks All,
You must have noticed a lot of errors on our site in the past 2-3 days. Well, I was working on a number of things on the site and for now, all those bugs and errors have been fixed.

I have also added a new User Role - 'Video Uploader' who will be able to add streaming videos to the site. So, from now on, you might see a lot of Streaming Videos on the site.

Also, I have noticed the site is missing a number of important features, which I am going to start working on in next month most probably. Some of them are as listed :-
1. The site layout/theme must be changed
2. Adding other users to friends.
3. A new profile layout with features like recently downloaded torrents.
4. A private messaging system.
and many more to come...

For now, keep visiting AnimeRG and share the anime love!

Hoping for the best,
It's been such a long time since we posted something in this area. Anyways, it's new anime season and new members. And a little story about a fag boi .

First of all, we have 3 new members joining us. You might've already seen them uploading from the past 1 month. We welcome 'Pseudo' and 'TheBiscuitMan' in AnimeRG. Both are x265 encoders and have been doing crazy amount of batches really quick. Phew, we have a lot of x265 encoders now, don't we?

You might've already seen 'One Piece' and 'Fairy Tail' big ass batches from 'Pseudo' and that 'Death Note' BD batch from akshat. Akshat is also continuing Dragon Ball Super 1080p that ScavvyKiD used to do.

Since ScavvyKiD and isoTropic retired, we've been a bit slow, but don't worry. These new lads will take AnimeRG to a whole new level (at least we hope they will).

There was this guy 'Uchiha Obito' who we had with us as an 'x265' encoder. Well, we taught him encoding and all the basics about x265, but he was just messing around. Hitting our team members and asking them about their personal info and annoyed the hell out of everyone. He was getting annoying day by day and hence, we had to kick him out. We don't really want people who are not interested in working hard, but disturbing everyone else.

Oh btw, there was some guy (we believe it was obito) putting out our Telegram usernames publicly. But, there's a reason why we chose Telegram as our basic mode of communication, so it's not really a problem .

One important announcement, we now have 'Streaming' Section on our site and it will be updated from time to time. Now, you can stream some of our content online as well.

Every drama aside, we hope that everyone is looking forward to new anime season and we'll try to provide stuff as usual .
Hey folks, how you've been? Seems like another animu season is coming to an end and a new one is about to start. Well, I hope this new season won't let me down in terms of GOOD anime.

A great news for all you 'x265' lovers. Since we were getting many emails/PMs to start doing x265, now we have 2 new members, 'Uchiha Obito' and 'OptimusPr1me'. They'll be doing certain shows in x265 so ya'll can enjoy the x265 as well. For playing x265, we recommend you to install MPC-BE (yeah, an x265 player). MPC-BE, because I personally use it for my x265 videos and it's really smoother than any other player.

We've picked up about 10 NEW anime from new season. The titles will be revealed later today/tomorrow. Continuing anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto Shittuden etc. etc. are obviously going to be carried on, as usual.

we're excited to have new members on board and for an upcoming anime season. We hope that you're also excited for some new shows.

Personally, I'll be looking forward to the second season of assassination classroom and Dagashi Kashi.

In case if the show you want isn't picked up by us, leave comments here... or add the request. We'll see what we can do. We'll try to do batches (6 episodes in a batch) or will try to work something out.

As we've mentioned before, the release might be delayed by a day or so, but, please do wait and don't PM us asking the same question. If it's something we've taken, we surely won't drop it (until unless something comes up).

As the new season comes, we'll again remind you that we're open for donations. People who pay $30 or more get extra features + FTP access (download without seeding and with a 1 Gbps connection).

With this long ass blog post, I'll again like to wish you all a belated Xmas and a great new year ahead of you.

Enjoy the Releases!

ScavvyKiD (Team Leader/Admin)

Hello folks!! Sup? Doing good? We hope YES is the answer.

First of all, Happy Holidays mina-san! We've got Christmas and New Year coming up real soon now and we're all excited about the holidays and festive season ofc. So, for Christmas and New Year, we've got you a new look for website, since we were getting bored from the old look for a while. All props goes to khatake2 for his hard work on this website.

As far as announcements goes, we're planning to make a community on website where everyone can interact and have fun and stuff like that. Plus, we're thinking of introducing PM system real soon. khatake2 has been working on it for a while now.

Oh, and now you won't get those annoying redirects and stupid 'shorte' ads. Some of you MIGHT ask, 'If you wanted to remove it, then why was it there in the first place?'. Well, remember that we had to change the domain and servers overnight? We paid money from emergency funds. And yes, we need to fill them back. It's done now. Only certain ads would show up on site now. However, in case you see any shorte stuff loading, take a screenshot and send it to us at support[at]animerg.la and we'll get it fixed ASAP!

And for the releases, we've been looking for Japanese/Indonesian/Portuguese/Spanish translators for a while now so as to release OVAs and Special episodes as soon as we get the hands on the RAWS.

Plus, feel free to donate as well, because all these servers and seedboxes costs are like... too fudging much! It would be great if some of you could donate.

End of December will mark an end of another animu season, and January would mark a new beginning. So, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

That would be all from our side for now. Enjoy your holidays and your anime
Hello all,

You would have already noticed that you are being redirected to animerg.la from animerg.net. Well, that's because for the past couple of days we have been receiving DMCA notices regarding the torrent content we are providing. We had 2 options, the first one was to delete those torrent entries from our website and the second one was to shift to a new domain to avoid these messages in future. Also, due to the increase in downtime for the past couple of days, we had to switch to a new host. So, now you should see the website loading faster than before.

Since the ads are not performing that well, almost no revenue is being generated that should help us keep the servers up. So, we kindly ask you guys to donate whatever amount you can. If you can't donate, then please add animerg.la to your adblock's white list and click on ads whenever you visit us. Currently, we are accepting donations via Paypal and BTC. So, use whatever you feel is easier and better for you.

Spread the word and keep supporting us!

AnimeRG Team
Finally it's time to make some things clear, because, for about past 2-3 days there were lots and lots of stuff happening which was just plain BS. First of all, the nyaa ban. Well, we knew it was coming sooner or later because of the encodes we uploaded on nyaa and yes we completely understand the decision taken by herks and respect it to some extent. Now, why some extent? Because for about past 1 month, we kinda dropped uploading the mini encodes on nyaa and started doing untouched rips from Funi/Crunchy/Daisuki. And there are many uploads we've done in the past which were not encoded. Our entries are mostly orange because we don't SUB anything and hence, we use subs from other actual fansub groups like FFF/Vivid, mainly FFF. So, yes, those are remakes. So, our work makes up for tons of orange entries. But, if herks had checked our latest releases and those uploads which were not mini encodes, he would'nt have come to this decision (not taking shots at you herks, so chillax). If we take a 1080p BD source and make a 720p out of it, it still counts as a remake, an orange entry, irrespective of the bitrate used in it. Even though those uploads had 2k+ kbps bitrates, they would still count as remakes and ENCODES. So, there's another rule violation. However, I am not so sure about it. Because, many people still ask for 720p BD rips more than 1080p one. So, there you go for a reason to encode it to 720p.

Everything till the ban was fine. When ScavvyKiD went to nyaa's IRC and asked for the rule violation, he simply quit the channel without any argument(s), because herks is right in his place. But, before actually banning, he should have taken a look at the uploads, that's what we have to say.
This all should've ended at that point of time only. But, then an OPEN LETTER from one of our member came out, and BOOM, that was taken as a wrong message (which was his personal opinion). Everyone read it, and we don't really think it's a bad idea to write up what a person is thinking/feeling. Because, in his case, he was right and falsely accused. But, yes, we do agree that it was wrong to write it up like that. He should've confronted mods in nyaa's channel, rather than writing it up. The thing is that AKRG's leader (Sushikushi, who wrote the letter), doesn't have some shows on his schedule under AnimeRG. So, he released Shimoneta under his own tag and not ours, because in AnimeRG, each member is given a schedule and doing any anime out of that schedule is not allowed (yes, it's a rule). If a person wants to upload the anime that is not in his schedule, the release won't be under AnimeRG and hence, not associated with AnimeRG. This was taken as "a way of bypassing the ban on nyaa". Herks got it wrong and made it all look like SushiKushi bypassed the ban. This was the reason why SushiKushi wrote the letter. Every one have a way of expressing themselves, can't really help/change it.

So,another question, why we encode? Why? Why we do mini encodes when they suck? Well, to most of you it does, but, to some it doesn't. Every one like you (maybe) doesn't have a high speed internet connection and it takes an awfull lot of time to download even a 150MB 480p upload. AnimeRG was created and aimed to provide small sized (mini encodes) anime to people with slow internet or capped bandwidth. And those mini encodes don't really look as bad as you folks make them look like. For people watching on ther phones/tablets, the resolution really doesn't matter. It all looks the same. Ok, not exactly same, but, everything seems good as fuck.

We'd really like to clear all the misunderstandings and take note that we are on good terms with nyaa staff. We understand everything you guys mean about your rules, because we hated it too when someone broke rules in our KAT's req. thread. It was a pleasure to upload on nyaa.

But, being banned on nyaa doesn't mean we are banned everywhere. We will continue to provide our uploads everywhere we can for everyone we can. What's done is done, can't really be helped. And we personally would appreciate, if this matter was closed right here and right now. No more 4chan topics, no more twitter tweets and stuff.

And NO, we are not asking nyaa mods to un-ban us. It's just that, we want to close this matter ASAP. And since the ban, we have deleted most of our torrent from nyaa, others will be taken down soon.

Thank you for reading and I hope that the reader would understand what we mean.
Let's just enjoy anime rather than fighting like retards.... Peace Out!